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9714 – 2824822 / 2868255

From The Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,


Our aim at the Grammar School is to establish a friendly environment which strives to instill in our students a set of attributes, skills and values that will enable them to make informed choices, grow in self-confidence, and fulfill their personal academic potential.

We must encourage students to develop their talents and enjoy their studies.We must challenge them to develop a sense of responsibility that will enable them to make a real difference in the world and equip them to become international citizens of the twenty-first century.

All students, whatever their academic ability, background or race, deserve the very best education and this will be achieved because of our professional teaching staff, ably supported by our admin team. I am passionate about what we must do at the Grammar School and the most important consideration about our school is our young people. We will achieve success by working as a team in conjunction with our valued partners, parents, families, shareholders and members of our local and wider community. Read More….



Work is worship and feedback is its reward.Appreciation is something which is similar as patting on the back. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that we have been fortunate enough to be blessed by this.We have achieved success by offering.We want to be a reason of contributing in nations growth by making our kids a valuable asset for the nation by teaching them in the finest possible way.


Our Guidance Department provides academic and pastoral support across the school. We can arrange for in-class support from Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and/or tutorials for individuals or small groups of students. The Guidance Department staff work together with pupils, parents and teachers to ensure every child can access the school curriculum and enjoy academic, personal and social success


Normal is just so mainstream in todays time. You have got to think beyond the primitive thought and just out of the box. We too believe that lets go with the pace,lets make our own different world,lets be the creator,lets be the innovator,lets be the supporter.We want to be a path leader so we assure that we provide all possible resources to our gems.

Our aim

Kids are the future of nation and we need to empower them to empower the nation. Our objective is to be a source in nations growth. We want to show our naive effort if we can to produce The young folks young minds by furnishing them with the paint of creativity and essence of innovation. We want our kids to make their unique identity in whichever field they want.



Recent Events

Grammar School Science Students Success

The Grammar School Dubai is pleased to announce the excellent achievement of gaining second place at the Amity University, ‘Technoscience and Robotech’ competition.
The Grammar Schools year 12 students, competing against other schools in Dubai, were awarded second place for the design and build of an obstacle avoiding robotic vehicle.
Year 12 team leader, Rimsha Alam stated, “this was a great team effort and we had lots of fun creating an innovative solution to the task of building our robotic model.”
The Grammar School has recently added ‘STEM’, (science, technology, engineering and maths), teaching into the curriculum so our students can work on innovative projects with real world applications.