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9714 – 2824822 / 2868255


9714 – 2824822 / 2868255

Secondary School

Our seven-year program of study, with its wide choice of options, creates a wealth of opportunities for our students’ future. We follow the English National Curriculum, which is enhanced by the UAE National Agenda. This prepares our students for the global society. Equipped with IGCSEs, ‘A’ Levels, or a School Leaving Certificate, they are ready to face university and the world of work.


KS 3 (Years 7 to 9)

In Years 7 to 9, our pupils pursue a broad-based and well-balanced program of studies which enables them to make informed choices for their future education. In addition to English and Arabic, which are compulsory, students, have the opportunity to learn a modern language. Other subjects taught are Mathematics, General Science, Computing, Geography, History, Citizenship, Art, Drama, Music and Physical Education. In Year 9, our pupils are introduced to the World of Business as a preparation for Business Studies or Economics.


KS4 (Years 10 and 11)

In Years 10 and 11, students follow courses preparing them for the IGCSE examinations. These qualifications represent a globally recognised standard of secondary education. Our pupils usually pursue eight subjects at IGCSE, of which English, Mathematics and one Science Subject (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) are compulsory. For UAE or Arab Nationals, Arabic is also compulsory. Other examination subjects usually on offer include Literature in English, a modern language, Computing, Geography, History, Business Studies, Economics, Accounts, Art & Design, Drama and Physical Education.


KS5 (Years 12 and 13)

In Years 12 and 13, our students prepare for their GCE examinations (AS and A-Level), which are vital for university entry. AS-Level courses take one year and A-Levels two years. These qualifications are renowned and accepted world-wide. In addition, pupils of the Grammar School Dubai are tested internally for their School Leaving Certificate, which is recognised by the UAE Ministry of Education as well as by British and other European universities. Examination subjects taught at include Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Geography, History, Business Studies, Economics, Accounts and Art & Design.

Grammar School Science Students Success

The Grammar School Dubai is pleased to announce the excellent achievement of gaining second place at the Amity University, ‘Technoscience and Robotech’ competition.
The Grammar Schools year 12 students, competing against other schools in Dubai, were awarded second place for the design and build of an obstacle avoiding robotic vehicle.
Year 12 team leader, Rimsha Alam stated, “this was a great team effort and we had lots of fun creating an innovative solution to the task of building our robotic model.”
The Grammar School has recently added ‘STEM’, (science, technology, engineering and maths), teaching into the curriculum so our students can work on innovative projects with real world applications.