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We believe that good communication between parents/guardians and the school (teachers, management and administration) is essential in order to meet the needs of the individual pupils and to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire school.



The Grammar School has an active Parent Council who represents every year group. The members are elected by the parents and meet monthly during the academic year. The Council acts as liaison between the school and all parents. They review and give opinion on a range of academic and vocational activities planned by the school. They also give advice on certain policy documents such as child protection, transport, student behaviour policy etc.



All students, whatever their academic ability, background or race, deserve the very best education and this will be achieved because of our professional teaching staff, ably supported by our admin team. I am passionate about what we must do at the Grammar School and the most important consideration about our school is our young people. We will achieve success by working as a team in conjunction with our valued partners, parents, families, shareholders and members of our local and wider community.


Means of communication between school and parents/guardians include:
  • Parent-Teacher meetings
  • Parent Council
  • Formal Reports
  • Interim Reports (when requested by parents or teachers)
  • Ensure expectations are high and self esteem even higher
  • Information meetings for transition years (Early years, Year 1, Year 2 to Year 3; Year 6 to Year 7; Year 9 to Year 10; Year 11 to Year 12)
  • Formal and Informal Events
  • The Homework Diary / Student Planner
  • Appointments with individual parents
  • Informal meetings with teachers
  • The School’s Newsletter
  • Letters, telephone calls and e-mail messages
  • The school website
  • Social media e.g. Facebook
  • The Bulletin Boards


For further information and/or admissions enquiries, kindly make an appointment with our Admissions Office.

Grammar School Science Students Success

The Grammar School Dubai is pleased to announce the excellent achievement of gaining second place at the Amity University, ‘Technoscience and Robotech’ competition.
The Grammar Schools year 12 students, competing against other schools in Dubai, were awarded second place for the design and build of an obstacle avoiding robotic vehicle.
Year 12 team leader, Rimsha Alam stated, “this was a great team effort and we had lots of fun creating an innovative solution to the task of building our robotic model.”
The Grammar School has recently added ‘STEM’, (science, technology, engineering and maths), teaching into the curriculum so our students can work on innovative projects with real world applications.